About Us

We understand what customers need for sofa:- Stylish, Affordable, Comfortable (SAC). With this mission to satisfy every customers’ requirements, we are committed to listen and deliver our best production of custom made sofa to everyone.

We believe every sofa is different, that every sofa has a story to tell.

Who are We

What differentiate us from others is that we are able to custom made sofa even to 1 single unit for a family.

We are a manufacturing factory/workshop specialised in custom made, upholstery , reupholstery on:

-dining chairs,
-bedheads & divans

We do provide other types of services on:
-make new covers for all sorts of cushions
-make new inserts(polyester,foam etc) for all sorts of cushions

upholstery sofa100-satisfaction-guarantee

With close to 37 years of experience since 1977, we have a team of dedicated professional craftsmen to custom made sofa according to your needs and requirements. By giving us a few simple ideas of your dream sofa, we are able to custom made sofa for you within few weeks, deliver to your doorstep.


We welcome clients from individual house to house,  retailers, individual who interested to start their own business, designers, cafe ownershotel owners, and etc. Throughout the years , we have done for so many projects for corporate clients, local retailers, individuals, designers and many more. Even you have no idea how to choose sofa, we guide you through the whole process, from conceptualisation, designing, production, upholstery, delivery, to sofa care. Free consultation available.


Why Custom Made Sofa

Every people have different requirements.

Sectional Sofa which are multiple sections join at an angle of 90 degrees are an excellent way to maximize the seating available in a particular room. We can match your needs and space so that you have complete control over the size, shape and layout of your sectional production. We can custom made any model to perfectly fit your space to a 1" tolerance!

Sofa Cushions can be soft, medium or hard. The inserts can be done in Soft, Medium and Firm. It is all your choice!

Custom Colours selection. We have many choices of colour to choose from to complement both your fabric choice, and your home's interior.

Depending on your budget, we can customise the type of fabric used to make the sofa. We normally source for better quality fabric as it has more texture and more durable. Some may just upgrade their sofa side pillows or back cushions with premium fabric to save cost.

Contact us now for free consultation and advice.