Cafe Furniture

If you are looking for special design solutions for your cafe, you have found the right place. Our manufacturing company offers you complete consultancy service concerning the latest modern solutions for cafe furniture. Our well-trained staffs are always ready to elaborate customised, original and charming plan that match your spaces and theme.


Restaurant Design

The type of cafe furniture chosen will sets the tone and the mood in the dining room. Restaurant serving dinner may consider warm tone wooden tables and chairs. Some diners prefer booths regardless of the level of formality of the meal. A small booth section will do fine.


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Restaurant Efficiency

The distance between tables may affect the quality of service. When the waitresses cannot reach a water glass, they may either leave the glass empty, reaching across the table, or asking the guest to hand them the glass which may be disturbing to them. To offer the best service, sufficient space between tables may enable the staffs to move easily around each table.


For best service, 20 square feet per person is good, however in order to make good profit, 15 or 18 square feet per person may do good. Most tables in the restaurant should fit four people comfortably. Sometimes, it is acceptable to put small tables for deuces.


When purchasing cafe furniture, it is better to put higher budget in order to have extra chairs and tables in case of damage or if you need extra for larger group functions.


Remember that people who come to dine are to have a nice time, thus they must be allowed to sit for as long as they like. Do not make the mistake of being overzealous and rushing people out as they may leave bad impression to the restaurant, and will result in diners not returning.


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