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We are <a href=””>manufacturer</a> for the past 30 over years, thus we have wide collections of custom made sofa for you to choose and further edited based on your requirements.


There are different types of sofa such as :- 


Traditional Sofa 

It is very common to see this type of sofa in various homes, with each styles ranging from formal to contemporary. It can be placed in living room or for entertaining purposes, which comes in several different colors and styles.

traditional sofa


Sectional Sofa  

It can be made in four pieces or more. Sectional Sofa are available in “L” shape and a circular shape, and many prefer this type as it is easy to mix and match the pieces to maximise the space. By providing us your house floor plan, we can custom made to fit perfectly every corners for the sofa to be placed.

sectional sofa


 Sofa Bed 

Sofa bed suitable for place with limited space, as it can provide place to sit and relax during the day, as well as a place to sleep at night. It is very useful especially to accommodate overnight guests. Due to combined purposes, it may be heavier than other styles, and may not be ideal for those who move often.

sofa bed



Loveseat Sofa 

As the name sounds, it is a mini sofa that seats one or two people, thus suitable for a small room or space. Some place it facing each other so that conversation can be made easy and it is perfect for couples.


loveseat sofa


Contemporary Sofa 

Most contemporary sofas have a round or box style with sleek lines, and often quite unique from traditional sofa. The price may be slightly more expensive due to their architecture, assembly and upholstery quality. With many choices of styles, colors and designs available, you can match and mix your own sofa creation process.

contemporary sofa


Metal or Wood Frame Sofa     

This type will have either metal or wood frames exposed, with upholstered cushions remain on top of the frame.

wood frame sofa




Just supply some basic ideas of your sofa, and we will assist you from A to Z of the whole sofa creation process until the delivery of the sofa to your premise.