Hotel Furniture

From beds to cabinets, air condition devices or ventilators, every pieces of hotel furniture must be a proper link,

tying it all into a perfect harmony.  Additional comfortable sofa and adequate lightning will add up to the entire decor.


Top 10 Modern Hotel Interior Ideas

custom made sofa lobby

  1. Lobby as dynamic multi-use spaces

The importance of entrance lobbies is growing, as first impression of the image of hotel begins here.

With creative space segmentation, providing both intimate and social zones, as well as furniture

delivering comfort and functionality. More extravagant entrance features in today’s emerging hotel market

include large green walls, indoor waterfalls, large chandeliers and multimedia stations.




custom made sofa bathroom 2 

2.  Spa-Like Bathroom Features 

Previously, bathrooms are perceived as auxiliary rooms, spaces to be minimized in order to

expand living areas. The modern tourists expect something more than what they get at home in his journeys.

A resort bathroom with spa-like features is an open invite to relaxation and a sure-proof method

of alluring guests through the promise of ephemeral luxury.




custom made sofa room 

3.   Rethinking Guestroom Configurations 

The classic bed-table-locker combo is no longer sufficient to make a hotel room feel inviting. In today’s world,

guests expect surprises and make them memorable to stay in that hotel. Creative offices for business travelers,

interesting looking TV panels, and an extra sofa next to the king-sized bed are just some of the key “ingredients’

for a trendy hotel room.




custom made sofa outdoor indoor

4.    Indoor-Outdoor Proximity 

The attractiveness of nature beauty is brought inside the hotel in every possible way. Wood paneling,

stone decorations, indoor waterfalls, lush greenery are just some of the elements to release tension

of hotel guests.




custom made sofa green hotel 

5.     Green Features 

Over-sized windows for natural lighting, natural building materials, green roofs and walls, electronic water faucets,

graywater recycling are just a few of the hotel trends for staying green. Green promotes a relaxed feeling in the

eyes, and increases the spectrum of the eye distance to see further.




custom made sofa outdoor restaurant

 6.     Restaurants cum “Exhibition Space” 

More and more restaurants are turned into memorable spaces through design, with transparency in the cooking, pushing

creativity to a new heights, and turning each venue into a destination in itself.




custom made sofa art hotel

 7.     Focus on Local Art 

It depends on the theme of your hotel. Blending local arts into the theme will bring your guests closer with

local origins and improves guests’ perception of the place. Integrating an art project, from small sculptures

and photography into the image of the hotel will give an uniqueness to the hotel.




custom made sofa technology  hotel

8.     High Tech 

Japan hotels have most technology integrated hotel such as using smartphones to control lighting,

air conditioning and even window blinds. LED Sensor Light that can detect human movement and

automatically switch on the light, will surprise some of the guests.




custom made sofa bright colour hotel 

 9.   Less Pattern, More color and Texture 

The colour of the hotel furniture may affect the mood of the guests.  Adding few bright colours

and texture will create a soothing joyful atmosphere.




custom made sofa pop out hotel

 10.  Personalized Spaces

Pop-up hotels, and modular hotels are new concepts slowly gaining interest in the industry.

The fact that guest will remember his hotel stays for long, long time if the accommodation

experience is unique. Themed guestrooms also have a great impact, especially when visitors

can only try one at a time.

Thanks to ongoing research and business opportunities, we can offer you ideas and plans, updated to the latest design trends to create unique, functional and charming creations. Email us now