How to Choose Sofa

Sofa Size

The size of a room based on floor plan is the best guide to determine the sofa size.

Tips 1 : Make sure its size does not impede the flow of traffic.

Tips 2: A sectional might be perfect for a larger area.

Tips 3: A tight back sofa works well in a tiny space because of its low profile.


Sofa Usage

Ask yourself,

  • How will you use your sofa? It is primarily used for everyday activities such as watching TV, reading, relaxing or will it be used only occasionally in a formal setting?
  • Who will be using it? Different height of a person affect the designing of the sofa. Deep seating is suitable for tall person while shallow seating and a tight back are suitable for someone with bad knees to make them easier to get up.


Sofa Shape

Relaxation purpose sofa can be deep and cushy with loose pillows.

  • A Lawson sofa with arms lower than the back is a suitable choice for both formal and informal settings.

how to choose sofa



  • A rolled arm sofa is also a good choice.

how to choose sofa (2)




  • Sectional sofa is suitable for many configurations and settings, also suitable for conversational settings.
  • A camelback sofa with a curvature in the middle, shallow seating, and a tight back is better for formal and traditional setting.

how to choose sofa 3

Sofa Fabric

There are few options of fabric to opt for:-

  • Microfibers are suitable for heavy usage areas. It looks attractive and is easy to clean.
  • Leather is durable and good option for longevity. Now there is large selection of colours and textures to choose.
  • High maintenance fabrics such as silk is only for area less frequently used.
  • Texture fabrics show less wear and tear than smooth fabrics.

Sofa Colour and Patterns

Look into the existing colours or patterns in the room:-

  • Neutral colours work best in most rooms, especially small rooms. To make the sofa more stands out, use more vibrant colours and pattern in the pillows.
  • Go for strong and striking colour if you want to make a bold statement. To complement it, consider adding simpler lines to the sofa.
  • Patterned fabric can hide minor stains.

Sofa Quality

The real quality of sofa comes from how it is put together in the inside. More info can be read here.


Brief Step by Step How to Choose Sofa


Consider size first.


Decide exactly how the sofa will be oriented.


Determine which shape will suit the room best


Research upholstery materials. Which will be best for you?


Choose a style that complements your home


Pick a color: bright, printed, or neutral?

We will guide you in every stages to finalise your dream sofa production. If you are lazy, just send us a picture of your dream sofa and we will custom made it, based on your requirements.