Project Furniture

Our service begins from the design stage to final realisation with furniture implementation.

Since more than 30 years of experience, we has been planning and creating custom made furnitures

on project basis for Hotel, Restaurants, Cafes, Wine bars, Shops, Boutiques and many more.

We also does reupholstery sofa for the old sofa.


Each project furniture that we undergo, we begin with listening to the business owner’s requirement.

Our well-trained staff, expert craftsmen, skilled assemblers, interpret and perform every single need of our client.


custom made sofa project furniture 2



A service of planning the details, creating a perfect synthesis of beauty and practically affect remarkably

the perception of the final customers. The achievement of complete project format of high standard

will strengthen your image and bring the best profit to your sales. Good quality of furniture can

last for more number of years with less maintenance and headache business owners. We guide

you on how to design a sofa from the size, shape, sofa fabric, materials, colour and many more.


custom made sofa project furniture 3



For your information, all our craftsmen are local Chinese that have been following us for the past 30 years. We do not hire foreign workers for the production. Free consultation available.