Repair Sofa

You sofa or couch is wear and tear? No worry as we are here to help you. Besides custom made sofa, we have help many to repair their sofa as though it is brand new.


Repair sofa, in another word, “Reupholstery Sofa” is one of our services. We specialised in reconditioning:-

  • home cushion set
  • cushion cover
  • chair
  • sofa repair
  • sofa maintenance


After years of usage, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear to your sofa. We have very experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen to assist you. You can choose any type of materials to use.  Higher quality materials will prolong the lifespan of the sofa.


No job is too big or too sofa for us, we can help repair sofa even to a single unit. Send us picture of your worn sofa, and we will come back with great advice.


repair sofa

Sofa is the essence of a living room. They have the biggest influence on the aesthetic value of your house. Repair your worn sofa now. We provide free consultation.