Sofa Care

sofa care

Below are some of tips for sofa care. Regular and simple methods will maintain the sofa well.


1) Plump the cushions at the end of every day of use, particularly if they are filled with feather or fibre. This extends the life of the fillings and avoids permanent creases being formed. Where possible, turn and reverse the cushions to equalise wear.Try to keep pets off the upholstery and be careful of sharp objects such as belt buckles, toys and watch straps snagging the fabric.


2) If a snag does occur, cut off the excess and carefully tuck the end in – do not pull a thread under any circumstances.


3) Discourage lively children from using your new furniture as a climbing frame if you want to prolong its lifespan!


4) Use protective arm covers where possible as this is the area most likely to show soiling.


5) Reversible seat and back cushions should be turned weekly.


6) Seat, arm and back cushions, including fixed pads, should be regularly (half year to 1 year) plumped up to maintain the shape of your chair or sofa.


7) Upholstery can be lightly vacuumed or gently brushed to remove dust, but take care if vacuuming delicate fringe and braid details. Use only a brush, not a vacuum cleaner, on feather or down filled cushions, to avoid pulling feathers out.


8) If you notice creases developing (e.g. in the seat area) take care to smooth them out with steam iron so they do not become permanent.


9) Sitting on the front edges of cushions or on the arms of furniture may cause distortion or damage.


10) Wood or decorative facings require minimal maintenance, and should be occasionally wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust. Do not use polishes or solvents, which might damage either the facings or the adjoining fabric.



  • Sun and Heat Damage

Leather can lighten if it is exposed to direct sunlight, so be careful on where you place it. Besides, it can be damaged if it is exposed to heat.


  • Cleaning

To clean leather, use a soft, dry cloth or a cloth with soapy water. To keep your leather looking at its best, we recommend you to clean it regularly with leather cleaner.


sofa care

If the sofa is maintained well, it can used for many generations and it still looks good. For old sofa that requires repair, we do have sofa repair service. Email us for more info.