Upholstery Sofa

What does Upholstery means ?

It simply means provide furniture with padding, springs, webbing, and covers.

So how do you check the quality of upholstered sofa? How to verify that a nice-looking sofa will not break easily after a few months because of poor quality materials and workmanship? We believe that quality is not something to save on, because a broken sofa means more money will be wasted.


4 Major Components that Upholstery Sofa is made up of:-

  1. Wooden frame
  2. Stuffing
  3. Transformation mechanism
  4. Upholstery


1. Frame

A frame, in another word is sofa’s “skeleton”. In order not easily broken (especially when children jump on it), carrying frame must be made of hard wood, such as birch. Hard wood is expensive, thus cheaper furniture is made of cheaper pine, which is much softer and less resistant to heavy duty use.

A sofa that uses poorly dried wood can become wrapped after a few months. Due to long period of time for drying process, wood used for cheaper sofa usually dried quickly. Eventually, the frame of such wood will develop crack.

upholstery sofa 3

2. Stuffing

We will highlight two types of sofa “stuffing’ which is polyurethane foam and spring blocks.


a) Polyurethane foam

This stuffing will make the sofa lighter, softer and cheaper. However it has significant shortcomings. One of such is that it will deform within few years and you will on the wooden frame. Degradation of the material are usually harmful to health. To avoid that, it can be covered with a special protective layer.

In high quality sofa, less polyurethane foam is used. It is normally used for modelling surfaces and backrests of sofa.


b) Spring Blocks

Spring blocks are usually used for high quality sofa. The diameter of wire used for production of springs is very important to determine the rigidity of sofa to ensure long term preservation of the form.

upholstery sofa 4


3. Transformation Mechanism

Ensure the moving parts of the mechanism are attached to each other firmly and stably. Check the condition of the screws and rivets, whether it is galvanzied, clean and their heads are not damaged as all these factors determine the quality of the mechanism and its assembly.

Check whether the mechanism is attached to the frame, and the wood is not damaged around the screws.

upholstery sofa 5

4. Upholstery

Upholstery of a sofa is its “face”, the outer components which is usually done well, even if other components are of poor quality.

Upholstery with higher percentage of natural materials are usually more durable and expensive. Synthetic fabrics can be easily seen at its underside, which often made of several components glued together.

It is better that the back of the sofa is covered with polyester fibre under the upholstery as it provides the volume and protects from harmful effect from deterioration of polyurethane foam.

upholstery sofa 2

upholstery sofa

The upholstery process should be sewn carefully and skilfully. We have experienced teams to produce quality sofa set for you. Email us for more info.